What is IMP-project?

IMP-Project is short version of Individual Mobility Project which is coordinated by EPSA (European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association). The main goal is to provide an orientating internship for all the pharmacy students and newly graduated pharmacist all over Europe in any area of pharmacy.
IMP-project is coordinated head coordinator along with national IMP-coordinators who may have local IMP-coordinators working below them. National and local IMP-coordinators are responsible for the practical execution of IMP-placement both before and during the IMP-project (if their country is providing the placement). National IMP-coordinator works also as a contact person between the partner and members of EPSA. In Finland national IMP-coordinator is a position at the FiPSA executive.
IMP-project represents a unique possibility to gain valuable experience from foreign european country and it works as great opportunity to receive work or research experience. The multicultural experience which chosen applicant receives teaches about cultures, habits and diversity, which are goals that EU has encouraged to meet.
What IMP-projects provide:
– Local, high level practical training
– Contacts to work field in international level and valuable experience for the future career
– Possibility to learn new cultures and habits in another European country
Chosen applicant will receive help with practical matters such as getting working permit, finding apartment etc.
IMP-placements can open all over the year, during the past years open placements have been offered in France, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Turkey and England. In 2011 the University of Helsinki hosted a placement here in Finland.

Who can apply?

IMP-project is open for pharmacy students who are about to graduate or have graduated less than two years ago. The employer can give more specific requirements for applicants. In order to apply to IMP-training should applicant be a member of FiPSA (through member associations: YFK, Ex Tempore or Fortis or be an individual member) or an individual member of EPSA. To find out more about memberships, please contact the person in charge of memberships in that association.

How to apply?

For each open IMP-placement, there’s own profile in EPSA internet page under IMP. When one has decided to apply for an open placement please contact the national IMP-coordinator (imp-finland (at)sfao.net). To apply one has to fill IMP-applying form, Europass-CV and to write a motivation letter and to send a copy of study registration document or graduation certification and send these to national IMP-coordinator. When the application is approved the applicant should do both written and oral English examination. If applicant has already internationally qualified, valid language certificate from English, the examination is unnecessary.

How much does it cost?

The application payment is 30 euros. It includes the English examinations. With the same payment can applicant apply to other IMP placements as well. The payment won’t be returned if the applicant isn’t chosen.